Broadwy is more than musicals
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Posted by: Seth Christenfeld (tabula-rasa@verizon.net) 11:59 am EDT 06/10/19
In reply to: Tonys: Putting Lipstick on a Pig of a Bway season - Zelgo 11:07 am EDT 06/10/19

As has been pointed out to you the last several times you went on this tirade.

Yeah, this wasn't a particularly good season for musicals (although I loved The Prom and will defend Hadestown). It was a great season for plays, though--any season with even just two or three of What the Constitution Means to Me, The Ferryman, To Kill a Mockingbird, Choir Boy, The Waverly Gallery, and Gary would be exceptional, but we got all of them this year.

Seth, not worried too much

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