Are the sidewalks outside the theaters somehow owned or governed by them?
Posted by: Leon_W 02:23 pm EDT 06/10/19

The other night I was walking past Hillary and Clinton and John Lithgow was outside signing playbills for everyone which is lovely of him. However security people were shouting at people to keep walking on the sidewalk and it got me thinking that these security people don't have any power over people on a public highway right? Then I was thinking about how the theaters put out barriers on the sidewalks to separate actors signing and people, often taking most of the sidewalk space. For example at Be More Chill where invariably I end up walking on the road every Wednesday afternoon walking home from work because of people against the barriers between matinee and evening performance.

I know how crazy the city is for fining people for doing anything like blocking sidewalks with garbage bags when its not quite time for them to be out or for any street violation like that etc. Do the theaters have some kind of jurisdiction over the sidewalks in front and nearby where they get away with all of this?

Would the police stop the actors signing if the sidewalk / road blockage became too much, thinking about how crazy it was when Julia Roberts was in her play etc

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