Sam Strasfeld (re: "Too Darn Hot" - some questions)
Posted by: Marlo*Manners 04:24 pm EDT 06/10/19
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One thing I will mention having seen "Kiss Me Kate" on the matinee before the Tony broadcast - Sam Strasfeld's bushy beard looked very appropriate for a 15th century Italian peasant in the musical within the musical if not for a 40's chorus boy in the main story. (Also Strasfeld threw in an impressively acrobatic aerial corkscrew jump in the Tony telecast) I watched the MGM movie recently and noted that Howard Keel as Fred Graham is clean shaven in 50's style offstage and wears a fake goattee as Petruchio in the show within a show. Though after the age of 35 or so, the Broadway original Alfred Drake nearly always sported a mustache and beard.

Marlo Manners (Lady Barrington)

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