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In terms of Corden, certainly.

I still firmly believe that the so-called "hosts" of these awards shows should not need to do anything more than guide the evening along. Sure, tell a few jokes, keep the audience engaged, etc. When exactly did things get to the point where the "host" is obligated to do major numbers of their own, do endless random schtick, etc. Why does there even have to be both a host AND an endless line of presenters? (Yes, I get it - pack those celebs in, so that perhaps someone will tune in to watch their 15 seconds of their idol read off a prompter??)

Last night really began to feel like a prime time version of Corden's late show (but not as good), oh, and some awards thrown in.

I would love to see a host who can provide a classy/entertaining presence to the evening in general, without having to jump through hoops to do it. And that starts with the opening number. Get rid of it - or go back to the idea of having one of the nominated shows do it (or a medley where all the shows get to input something).

I'm not even sure I understand the point of last night's opening. Blame cable/streaming services for the fact that less current TV shows are live? Diss them because they're not live theatre? Huh? Scraping the barrel much? (It did seem to be coming from the negative side IMO - not a celebration of live theatre, but a condemnation of non-live TV. Not a great way to start a TV show.)

When the parody of "Michael In The Bathroom" became a trio, I started to like it. Before that, I thought it was Corden stuck with another obligatory number just because he's the "host." I really enjoyed that number once it started going somewhere. (Despite the amateur writing of "Ja-ames in the Bathroom" - hey, how about "Corden In The Bathroom"?? We know his last name and hey, it's got 2 syllables just like "Michael" does. Wow.) Maybe we could have that kind of number each year - a clever parody based on ONE iconic song from the season? That could be fun. But do we really need all the other crap?

Does anyone know if there was a closing number planned (but cut for time)? God forbid...

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