re: had no problem getting center orch
Posted by: stan 08:45 am EDT 06/11/19
In reply to: re: had no problem getting center orch - lowwriter 01:32 pm EDT 06/10/19

They say that if you go on before 10 am, at 10 am you will be "randomly" assigned a place in the queue. After that you're assigned the next place in line. I went on about 9:50 and had my center orch preview tickets (2nd choice date) by 10:05. I guess the queue line IS random. The same thing happened at City Center queue for Evita -- out by 10:10 with front row rear mezz seats (cheapest price in theater: $75). When I got tickets for the $15 Dance shows last Fall, I went on 10 minutes early and was assigned 2215 in line -- 45+ minutes later I got my seats. These theaters are huge, there are lots of dates -- unfortunately, LCT squirrels away the good seats (I have a friend who buys group sales and gets excellent seats). Be patient. I'm thinking of upgrading my Public Theater subscription from Previews Only to Any Performance in the Run -- that way (even if it costs an extra $15 or so, I should be able to get a decent seat). I have an extra $180 in my VISA account since the Met Opera changed my Subscription Performance of Berlioz's Faust from an opera to a concert -- so, I cancelled, and got a refund. Now, I can go crazy.

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