Tonys questions and trivia
Posted by: mikem 03:03 pm EDT 06/11/19

Some questions from Sunday's Tonys:

- when was the last time (or another time) that a winner didn't show at the ceremony? Sondheim wasn't there for his Special Tony for lifetime achievement in 2009, but I can't remember another time this has happened.

- when was the last time that a closed show performed? (Choir Boy this year)

- when was the last time (or another time) that the same person appeared in the production number for two different shows? (Jeremy Pope did this, partially possible because his closed show performed)

And then some trivia about this year's Tony awards. I know this stuff is meaningless, but I think it's kind of fun. If you have more, please add it on!

- All five of the nominees for Best Featured Actor in a Play have appeared in a musical on Broadway, and all of their five previous nominations were for musicals.

- The eight acting awards went to performers in eight different shows. The last time this happened was in 2004.

- Of the ten play awards, seven went to London imports, two went to shows that opened cold on Broadway, and only one went to an off-Broadway or regional transfer.

- All of the winners in the musical categories were first time winners.

- All of the lead producers who spoke that evening were women. (David Stone, the lead producer for The Boys in the Band, did not speak.)

- Tonys went to three closed shows (Waverly Gallery, Boys in the Band, and Choir Boy). I'm not sure the last time three different closed shows have won, but it has been a while. Last year, all the shows that won were still open.

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