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Yes, and it's also the getting to that point that also matters. Something fairly new I'd probably be upset if someone spoiled things. Heck, wasn't someone just beat up in Asia for telling people waiting outside in a line for the next showing of the "Avengers" what happened? But for some of the classics, either a show or a movie, I try to, for the most part, experience it from moment to moment, which, being an actor, one also has to do, since it would be a very bad thing to play a show as if it's going to end tragically while all the present circumstances on stage are quite happy at that moment in the scene. So, unless you want to show off for friends about a particular scene you know is coming up in a movie, like say "Psycho", you might enjoy it better if don't say anything and you just focus on how happy Janet Leigh is at the beginning of her shower.

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