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Posted by: broadwayfan622 08:44 am EDT 06/12/19
In reply to: "Mockingbird" rush tickets - ARReith1982 11:28 pm EDT 06/11/19

I did it a few months ago on a Thursday. I arrived around 7:30 outside the theater. I believe the box office opens at 10am. There were only 2 college kids in front of me. After 8 a few more joined the line and there were a few dozen when box office opened (some in the line were also just buying full price tickets but wanted to get there early).

The seats were in the very last row in the balcony on what seems like an additional row added on a platform (likely years ago). The ushers were very nice and offered booster seat cushion so that you can be higher to see. It is hard to see if you don’t use the booster, sit in the edge of your seat or even stand - which many of us did for part of the show. It is a very large theater and that last row is far away.

At the box office I was offered either the last row seats or standing room ( which traditionally is behind the last row in orchestra). I think I might has gone for the standing room if I had to do it again.

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