Tootsie synopsis?
Posted by: jml 06:43 pm EDT 06/12/19

I'm old school and am waiting for the physical CD release of Tootsie. But Amazon kindly included the MP3s with a CD pre-order, so I just downloaded it. Unfortunately, there's no digital booklet with any kind of synopsis, which makes it kind of hard to understand what's going on in the songs. I assume/hope that they will include a detailed synopsis with the CD, but that doesn't come out until August 16.

I like the score, but I think I'd like it more if I could understand the arc of the story.

I have seen the movie. It's been several years, but I liked it very much. However, given all of the changes to the show to make it work in a theatrical setting, I'm not sure I would fully understand what's going on here if I watched the film again. It appears to be very different from, say, Mean Girls, where the show is following the film very closely.

If anyone has time to write a synopsis that would help give context to the songs, I'd really appreciate it. I don't live near New York and won't be able to see the show until the tour, so I don't mind knowing this stuff now to fully understand the cast album in the meantime.


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