Jason Robert Brown/ Sondheim/Lenk
Posted by: cjmclaughlin10 12:37 pm EDT 06/13/19

There are still plenty of seats left ($350 for orchestra, $275 for Balcony) but this release was poorly handled through Ticketmaster

I got one during today’s release after much stress The only price originally available was $350 (right at the top of my budget) but the app wouldn’t process my order

Finally, I called and got someone over the phone who tells me I can’t use a credit/debit card for orders over the phone and would have to go to the pharmacy to get some sort of crazy Ticketmaster gift card. At this point, I gave up and felt defeated

I checked the app again and got a ticket in the balcony for $203. I’m glad I didn’t spend $350, but that was beyond stressful

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