Interesting that the Times picked up the story because there's an ad in Arts & Leisure...
Posted by: writerkev 04:18 pm EDT 06/13/19
In reply to: The next Atticus Finch is... - AC126748 01:33 pm EDT 06/13/19

...and a production spokesman declined to comment.

One would think the production would announce in the press and advertising at the same time, but they clearly wanted Sunday's Times to be the first announcement. Not sure if that seems kosher for the Times' editorial side of the house to pick up the news from the advertising department against the wishes of the production, but what can you do. News is news.

Playbill's article goes so far as to say Ed Harris MAY succeed Jeff Daniels. Obviously it's in the Sunday Times ad and must be real. Just an interesting way the news has dribbled out.
Link Playbill

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