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Maggie Smith in Private Lives
Mandy and Bernadette in Sunday

Ann Miller in Mame
Collins in Follies
Victoria Mallory in Night Music
Jim Dale in Scapino
Phil Silvers in Forum
Stritch and Fowler in Company
Hopkins in Equus
Cook in Follies in Concert
Lansbury in Gypsy
J Smith Cameron in Bees
Holliday in Dreamgirls
Spacey in Moon For The Misbegotten
Anita Morris in Nine
Chita and Brent in Spider Woman
Alan Cummings in Cabaret
Melanie Griffith in Chicago
Sandy Duncan in Peter Pan
Brian Cranston in Network
Donna Murphy and Sutton Foster in Anyone Can Whistle
Melissa Errico in One Touch Of Venus
Bernadette Peters in Hello Dolly
Harry Groener and Bob Gunton in Follies
Peter O’Toole in Pygmalion
Roger Rees and Bob Peck in Nicholas Nickleby
Ann Miller in Follies
Nathan Lane in Lisbon Traviata
Lois Nettleton in Streetcar
Elizabeth Ashley in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
Alec Baldwin in Entertaining Mr Sloane
Calista Flockhart in The Glass Menagerie
Stephanie Lawrence in Blood Brothers
Joe Mantello in The Normal Heart
Jonathan Hadary in Angels In America
Robert Lindsay and Maryann Plunket in Me And My Girl
Josh Grisetti in Emter Laughing
Gary Beach in The Producers
Danny Lockin in Hello Dolly
Colm Wilkinson in Les Miz

and burnt forever in my BEING:
Elizabeth Ashley in Sweet Bird Of Youth

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