Tony Close Races: 1973 Best Featured Actress in a Musical.
Posted by: portenopete 09:37 am EDT 06/14/19

Just watching the (very interesting) 1973 Tonys- which featured a tour of Broadway influence around the world and began with a song-and-dance routine from the formidable quartet of Gwen Verdon, Paula Lawrence, Helen Gallagher and Donna McKechnie. (Did Paula Lawrence ever play Charity? Was it three or four Broadway Charitys?)

I am blown away by the four performances in Supporting Actress Musical! Patricia Elliott was the eventual winner against three superannuated and legendary actresses and I wondered if there was a theory that her win was the result of a split vote between Hermione Gingold, Patsy Kelly and Irene Ryan? (Not to take away from her apparently superb performance as the original Charlotte Malcolm in ALNM.)

But my money would have been on one of the veterans, especially Irene Ryan who, at the time of the Tonys, was thought to be recovering from the stroke that took her out of the show. (The Tonys were a couple of weeks after she fell ill and about a month before she passed away.)

I wonder if "Magic to Do" would still have been the Tonys number had Ryan still been in the show? They could have done both that and "Time to Start Living".

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