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Posted by: robert_j 10:48 pm EDT 06/14/19
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If they had been able to open Frozen soon after the movie premiered, I think the show would have been huge. But, at the time, you could tell that Disney had no idea what they had — they were surprised by the success and took too long to respond. My daughter was 5 when the movie came out, and madly into it along with every other little girl it seemed, but you couldn’t get merchandise for it anywhere. They were slow to get much presence in the parks. And the Broadway show took forever (to say nothing of the sequel). So they took too long to get it together, and they lost all the momentum. I can usually get my daughter to go to anything with me but she made clear that she was definitely over Frozen. True she was 10 when it opened but still — she is much more open to going to, say, Aladdin again.

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