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Posted by: PurpleMoney 10:00 am EDT 06/15/19
In reply to: The Buzz on TINA? - Zelgo 07:51 am EDT 06/15/19

I saw it twice on two separate trips. Once in the dress circle and once in the stalls. I recommend the front of the dress circle.

This is not the Summer musical or The Cher Show ... is build around her live story and only need ONE actress to play Tina. Yes there's a younger Tina but it's not played the same way as in The Cher Show or Summer.

The hard part about all of the lives of these great performers is that they made bad "choices" in life partners. One could say they didn't have a choice. Ike is presented in the most vile way so expect that (as he should be) This may be a turn off for audiences. As we all know she left him an gain worldwide respect and a second more successful career.

I admire the direction of the this show, the book, and the performance of Adrienne Warren as well as all the cast but ... ADRIENNE WARREN IS NOT TO BE MISSED. Albeit, she will probably play a 6 performance schedule so book wisely. She may no do the Monday night and Wednesday matinee as was true for the London run.

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