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Posted by: Shutterbug 05:14 pm EDT 06/15/19

This is a slick, stylized, well-acted production. Both Johnny Lee Miller and Bertie Carvel are doing fantastic work. I can see why Bertie won the Tony. He is making wonderfully detailed and specific choices in creating his character, truly remarkable.

As nicely designed, directed, and performed as this production is, it left me cold. I'm not sorry I saw it, but I couldn't help but feel as if the playwright was preaching to the proverbial choir. We know what kind of person Murdoch was and is. He used a populist message in the most manipulative and self-serving of ways, not unlike the current US president. A cold hearted narcissist without a shred of empathy or ethics, he sets the stage for the type of tabloid journalism that has taken hold of our national discourse.

I didn't feel this play had anything new or more profound to say about it. I left the theater thinking of SPRING AWAKENING - saying to myself, "We're totally effed."

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