re: (Hopefully Accurate) Analogy
Posted by: stgmgr 07:25 pm EDT 06/15/19
In reply to: re: (Hopefully Accurate) Analogy - Drew288 05:36 pm EDT 06/15/19

Let me propose another analogy--One that I have seen many times when watching the security-instruction videos which play in Amtrak stations. These promos let you know that your bag may be subject to random checks. If you choose not to have your bag inspected--for whatever innocuous or nefarious reason you might have--you won't be allowed to board the train, but you can go back to the ticket window and get a refund. And if memory serves, you're within your rights to decline to have your bag inspected by the similarly-random checks on the subway . . . but you won't be getting into that station.

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