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Posted by: summertheater 11:58 pm EDT 06/15/19
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If you decline the bag check when you are asked to do so at a subway entrance, you are then instructed by the police to leave the station. But if you are at the 41st and 7th Ave entrance to Times Square where this occurs, you can then reenter at the 40th/7th Ave, 42nd/7th Ave, 43rd/Bwy, or many other entrances without a bag check. On Amtrak, you can likely get a refund at New York Penn Station, and perhaps then take the PATH to Newark Penn Station to board a later southbound train for a (cheaper) ticket.

I would think most people wouldn't mind submitting to a bag check at a theater, and if security has been told to confiscate something (for example, a water bottle at a certain producer's shows - and i say that with a straight face), I have heard where customers were able to get a $5.00 chargeback to their credit card for the cost of a water bottle at the theater.

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