re: The Buzz on TINA?
Posted by: bway1430 03:15 am EDT 06/16/19
In reply to: The Buzz on TINA? - Zelgo 07:51 am EDT 06/15/19

We saw TINA last November - had tickets for an earlier Monday performance but they then announced Ms Warren would not be doing Mondays. After an extended row with the box office we finally had our tickets exchanged for a performance months later on a Thursday. Turns out, Ms Warren did not perform that night either.

The good news is that the understudy was fabulous.

The bad news is that the show was godawful. While it benefits from letting the songs breathe and scenes to take shape (unlike Ain't Too Proud and Jersey Boys), the songs were oddly placed (even "We Don't Need Another Hero/Thunderdome" gets rendered and I won't spoil how awkward and ill-fitting it is). Worse, the book was cringe-worthy. Stock characters and cliches by the handful.

Tina deserves a better show in my opinion and as for Ms Warren, when she does show up for work, I hear she is fantastic.

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