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Children are their own reward...so they tell me.
It’s never too late to dust off that PhD thesis and finish it up.
My major was English Reformation history...yet I still enjoyed Rex. (Off topic...don’t get me started on the television series..The Tudors...combining two princess into one and....no Stuart Monarchs follow Elizabeth I....but then....I became an admirer of Henry Cavil before he became superman.). Truthfully, the BBC series of The Six Wives of Henry VIII followed by Elizabeth R and seeing a Wednesday matinee of Vivat, Vivat Regina (skipped a day of high school for that one but turns out that one of the ‘spear carriers’ became my acting teacher in college)...lead me to my studies...and continuing admiration for Eileen Atkins, who willing returning to New York Theater in the autumn.

Thanks for the background on Philemon and St. Genesius. I trust you more than Wiki.

Saw Philemon even before I saw The Fantasticks....having seen Celebration even earlier. My admiration, at the time, was more in regards to the idea that a serious, and not so very popular, story could be done as a musical. This thought from a person whose first Broadway show was Red, White and Maddox! Upon reflection, my early broadway musicals were more about serious subjects than more frothy entertainments. Mostly what I remember about seeing that production of Philemon was Dick Latessa’s performance.

Another aside....thank you for casually mentioning some of your husband’s writings within the context of your reflective, knowledgeable theater postings on ATC. I currently have a stack of his books...taller than me...going up a wall in my bedroom. Lastly, would it be possible for you to pm me and lead me to a list reflecting the order I should be reading his books? I’ve researched but remain confused. As someone with mild OCD...I will stress if I find out I am reading them out of order.

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