Good discussion. To expand it: originality counts.
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Some work, altho an expression in tangible form, is not original enough to be copywritten. Sometimes this is called "Scène à faire," the scene that must be done. So "Chorus Line" has a line on the stage; "Hello, Dolly!" a staircase. They are inherent in the material as written, required by the form. An example I've read is, in a comedy that has nuns in habit, someone will make some sort of joke about them looking like penguins. That joke cannot be copywritten. Too cliche. Also, ideas, inventions and plots are not covered by copyright, only an expression in tangible form is covered. Titles are not copywritten but they might fall under trademark law.

And, of course, copyright doe not prohibit fair use, which includes scholarship, satire, and parody.

As to recording the direction and choreography in tangible form, many productions are now videoed for the Lincoln Center Public Library Theatre on Film and Tape Archive. More than 300 productions, not all of them Broadway and off-Broadway, are added each year. The general public can't just look at a video but with a plausible reason, almost anyone can. From the TOFT website: "The Archive is available to theatre professionals, students, or researchers with work or study-related reasons for viewing." The videos are not fully-staged. They're just records, often from a single camera, of a live performance. If I remember correctly, I believe in the case of "Love! Valor! Compassion!" it was proven through the Library's logs that the local "creatives" had seen Mantello's production on tape.
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