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I work at the Performing Arts Library at Lincoln Center, directly with the TOFT archive. Sorry I didn't catch this sooner, but there are a number of factual errors in the previous post: "As to recording the direction and choreography in tangible form, many productions are now videoed for the Lincoln Center Public Library Theatre on Film and Tape Archive. More than 300 productions, not all of them Broadway and off-Broadway, are added each year . . . The videos are not fully-staged. They're just records, often from a single camera, of a live performance."

I don't know where the figure of 300+ annual tapings comes from, but that's several times higher than the actual figure. Typically nowadays there might be 40 to 50 archival recordings produced for the archive in a calendar year, sometimes more. And the vast majority of those are professional filmed, multi-camera shoots. Four or five cameras to cover a Broadway show would be typical; six cameras is not unheard of. The videos are available to theater scholars and professionals with a legitimate research purpose, although special permission is required to view certain titles. (For instance, all shows taped at the Brooklyn Academy of Music require advance permission from BAM to view.) Under certain circumstances, TOFT will accept videos from outside sources, although quality is sometimes poor. It's dismaying to us when viewers who have seen these donated videos assume they were made under library auspices, and are representative samples of what TOFT tapes look like.

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