Kaye Voyce's intentionally ugly costumes in CORIOLANUS
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Do costumes always have to be beautiful?

I was thinkng of how brilliant the costumes, designed by Kaye Voyce, were in the current production of CORIOLANUS. At first you recoil from them because they're caked with dirt and they seem patched together from cast off clothes. But Daniel Sullivan's framework of the production is that it occurs in some future or parallel era where water resources have dwindled to a punishing scarcity. That means there is no water left to drink but also no water to wash clothes in. And Voyce does a great job of articulating very small class differences. The patrician's clothes seemed cleaner and many of them had different hues of purple buried in them. Still, an overall griminess and scarcity of options covered both the patrican and plebian clothes in the play.

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