Sirius "On Broadway" Musical Drivel
Posted by: tmdonahue (tmdonahue@yahoo.com) 02:53 pm EDT 08/15/19

Now this will start a flame war.

The last two days, I've listened for the first time to "On Broadway" on Sirius. Most of the songs from contemporary musicals are forgettable, musically and lyrically lame. Of course, it's not fair to rate these songs out of context. But when, now but mostly then, a great song pops up on "On Broadway," the lack of context isn't important.

In truth, not all the sorry songs are new ones. I've never been a fan of "Finian's Rainbow," although the 2009 revival (the only production I've seen) had a wonderful cast: Kate Baldwin, Cheyenne Jackson, Jim Norton, Christopher Fitzgerald as Og, and in a non-singing part, an acquaintance out of my past, David Schramm. And the show has a few great songs: "How Are Things in Glocca Morra?", "If This Isn't Love." "When I'm not Near the Girl I Love," and ten big exclamation points for "Old Devil Moon." I guess some folks like the catalog song, "The Begat," and I'll give you "Look to the Rainbow." (Bores the bejesus out of me, but to each his or her own.) But until this afternoon I'd forgotten what a dog of a song is "When the Idle Poor Become the Idle Rich." Yeah, it's Yip Harburg and has a political point and some near-clever made-up rhyming words, but still...oy!

Ok, argue away.

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