Robert Morse at last night's screening of HOW TO SUCCEED in L.A.
Posted by: bicoastal 03:21 pm EDT 08/15/19

Mr. Morse proved a very charming and witty guest last night following the screening of HOW TO SUCCEED (for which he brought most of his family). He talked extensively about the original stage production, how he got the part and some on working with Loesser, Fosse and Fosse's ass't choreographer Gwen Verdon. He had high praise for the cast (although he said he wished Charles Nelson Reilly had done the film) and for the experience of filming the show. He was a little sketchy on details (he's 88, after all) but was clearly enjoying sharing his memories of this and other films he worked on. In the audience was Maureen Arthur's sister, as well as the widow of John Myhers and at least one original cast member--a woman who understudied Smitty and eventually did the role on the national tour. The print shown was a beautiful 35mm print and the house was at probably at 90% capacity. A delightful evening from start to finish.

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