Really Nasty LCT Policies
Posted by: gcarl44 04:52 pm EDT 08/16/19

I have been an LCT member for many years, and I have tickets for The Rolling Stone for tonight, Friday, August 16. Unfortunately, I am ill and not up to going, so I called them to see if I could change the tickets to another date (of which there was much availability). The answer was NO! They require 72 hours notice in order to exchange a ticket. Now, my middle name is Merlin, so I could not have predicted 3 days ago that I would be sick today. I also have memberships with other theater companies (The Public, CSC), where this has never been a problem. The reason I was given is because the theater thinks it is too late to hope to resell the tickets. So they would rather not lose the $133 I paid than exercise decent customer service. While unfortunate, this just underscores LCT's total disregard for its customers / audience. All they clearly care about is the money.

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