No synopsis with Tootsie OBCR CD booklet
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Posted by: jml 10:43 pm EDT 08/16/19

Decca Broadway has done a really lazy job with their release of Tootsie on CD.

There is absolutely no synopsis of the show whatsoever. This makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to follow the arc of the story, especially for a show which clearly has a lot of book scenes that aren't reflected on the album. Due to the nature of the changes made in the transition from film to stage, not even watching the movie completely clears this up because the show is not an exact scene-for-scene replica of the movie

The performances are great, and the music sounds quite nice. But producers of cast albums need to remember that the audience for the album exceeds the audience that actually has access to the show. It is essential to make the album complete enough to be more than just a souviner for those who remember seeing it onstage. It needs to work as a listening experience that expresses the story arc. In this respect, the album is a failure.

Note to Decca: If this is the best you can do, you need to do better.

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