Hannah Gadsby tonight show and phone policy
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I wish every concert and show everywhere had this phone pouch policy. It relaxed me a lot to know I wouldn’t be bothered by phone usage.

As for the show, Hannah is on stage around two hours no interval with the 8pm finishing at 10pm tonight but not sure when she cane on with no phone or smart watch allowed. My personal thoughts are that the first half of it is mostly much weaker material where she seemed perhaps to overestimate her own depth and insight followed by a very very interesting and sometimes very funny hour. I took a lot away to think about and process


The subject of much of this show is her autism and how it informs her interactions with people and her thought processes. My main take away is that I should try to understand the differences in others without clouding it with my preconceptions. And I also thought about my own struggles and how others have reacted.

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