re: Where did all the Temptations go? Cast absences in Ain't Too Proud
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And I am correct that there are offstage voices in Jersey Boys that help alleviate some of the vocal demands, yes? I tend to think a show like Ain't Too Proud should have something similar. After all, we're at a point in sound tech where "secrets" like sweetening offstage or even pre-recorded parts is not such a secret - though I think there are some definite rules that apply to pre-recording in particular.

I did a college production of Two Gentlemen Of Verona a few years ago, and there's one number with a male trio backup ("Love's Revenge Reprise") that sounded fine until they started in with some very athletic choreography - and I suggested we have offstage singers there to help, so that the onstage trio could get through the number without gasping through it. No one ever knew the difference. ;-)

I went to see a production of A Chorus Line earlier this month, with my parents, who had never seen the show before. It was fun explaining "secrets" to them such as the role of the cut dancers at the top of the show (they go offstage to support the ensemble vocals). Though I thought it was a pretty good production, I also heard what did sound like some tired voices, especially in some of the female roles when singing in the upper register - so whereas bits and pieces of solo vocal lines may have seemed a bit underpowered, whenever the full ensemble sang it was a nice full thrilling sound. So I give lots of credit to the offstage company. ;-)

In terms of Moulin Rouge I agree. They must have one strict lifestyle regimen to keep their voices/bodies in shape for the run. (I know that Ben Platt talked about this for Dear Evan Hansen - or at least that he wasn't partying etc, because he just couldn't.) Sometimes we do forget how much it takes to be a performer. When I saw the show last summer in Boston, towards the end of the run, they both sounded very healthy to me.

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