Lead Dancer is not in the company
Posted by: mikem 06:11 pm EDT 08/18/19
In reply to: Big day for understudies over at 'Oklahoma!' - WaymanWong 03:08 pm EDT 08/18/19

I saw the show at the Saturday matinee and the full original cast was in. Damon Daunno is on vacation but I'm not sure why the others were out. I have mixed feelings about the production. For much of the first act, I thought the actors sometimes didn't really intersect and it felt very distancing. The second act felt more connected. To me, the MVPs were Will Brill as Ali Hakim, James Davis as Will Parker, and particularly Patrick Vaill as Jud Fry. I'm surprised Vaill did not get a Tony nomination.

The accent work is completely inconsistent for people who presumably have lived together their whole lives, which increased the sense that the actors were not a cohesive unit. Ali Stroker's accent in particular is much more extreme than anyone else's, including her father. Her performance was very entertaining but very broad - I wonder if it's always been like that or has broadened over time.

Coral Dolphin, who apparently went on today for the Lead Dancer, is not a member of the company. The role now has a Weds/Sat matinee alternate, Demetia Hopkins-Greene, who went on for yesterday's matinee. She is also the understudy, along with Sasha Hutchings, who went on for Ado Annie today. But Ado Annie has a second understudy, who was not on stage today, so I'm not sure why they had to get Coral Dolphin even if Gabrielle Hamilton (the "regular" Lead Dancer) and Demetia Hopkins-Greene were both unavailable for some reason.

For this non-dancer, it did not seem that the role was challenging enough to require an alternate. I'm now wondering if Hopkins-Greene was not feeling well and took out moves. Does this part usually seem difficult enough that it can't be done twice in one day consistently?

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