re: off-Broadway's summer season of discontent
Posted by: ryhog 06:38 pm EDT 08/20/19
In reply to: re: off-Broadway's summer season of discontent - EvFoDr 05:43 pm EDT 08/20/19

There is (and has always been) a dialogue. But it takes place in the marketplace of ideas where we read multiple reviews, crediting those of people we trust and ignoring those we don't. We don't need criticism by committee nor, heaven forbid, by artists.

The Times' outsized influence (to the extent it still exists) cuts both ways. But it is just navel gazing to think the Times killed this show. It is far more likely that it MAKES a show than kills it. And dare I mention that the Times was not the ONLY bad review this show got. (And if, as suggested, the audiences were so enthusiastic, where be the word of mouth? The Times could never kill enthusiasm like that, if it exists.)

I confess I am not a fan of public grumbling and blame for one's failures. This is no exception.

One final note: isn't it rich when a show featuring one writer who gets attention because of a recent Broadway show and an actor who gets attention because of a high profile presence on a TV show is described as lacking brand recognition? Seriously? Subtract those names and this show doesn't get a Times review in all likelihood. People would kill for the attention BBH has received.

Look, there are plenty of structural things wrong with theatre criticism in America. But kvetching when you get a bad review and blaming it for your failure is the path to never getting better. The truth is, this was not a great show, and even most of the good reviews said so. Read them.

Sorry, I went on longer than I intended, and what I said is not directed at you (obviously) but I hate seeing people who are their own worst enemy, and I sincerely hope that this individual will see a more productive path forward. Obviously they know how to provoke a reaction. :-)

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