re: off-Broadway's summer season of discontent - my two cents
Posted by: NewtonUK 10:00 am EDT 08/21/19
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I so rarely am in agreement with RYHOG, I must chime in.

HONEYMOON IN VEGAS, PASSING STRANGE, BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON, THE SCOTTSBORO BOYS, JOURNEYS END are some of many shows that got great reviews - and closed quickly, losing 100% of investment.
WICKED and LES MIZ are two horribly reviewed shows (Les Miz fared a bit better here than in London where it was panned outright), both of which have done OK.
ADDAMS FAMILY was deservedly panned by all, but the title and Nathan Lane gave it a longer life - but not Broadway recoupment.

Reviews can tip a scale on rare occasion these days - but it's word of mouth. Don't be fooled by the screaming idiots who stand up and cheer every show ever produced however lame. Word of mouth can still be bad. As it was in London for LOVE NEVER DIES had cheering crowds every night - but word of mouth was dismal (as was the show).

People screamed every night at BE MORE CHILL. But they didnt sell tickets, word of mouth was bad - as it was every time the show was produced - eecpt from the narrow social media audience who perhaps could not get to NYC and pay $130-200 a ticket.

Its just not the critics any more. Back when WICKED opened, the Times WAS still decider. Everyone panned this show (except, I believe USA today). I re-read all the opening night notices a year or so ago. I confess I agreed with all the criticism. But word of mouth was great. In 1961, WICKED would have closed opening ight or soon thereafter. But that world is long gone.

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