this is how Best Musical should be
Posted by: Chazwaza 12:02 pm EDT 08/21/19
In reply to: re: Idina's Tony win wasn't 'inevitable'; it was a 'Wicked' surprise - Quicheo 10:51 am EDT 08/21/19

Wicked does not NEED a Best Musical win to run. It was a blockbuster "Goliath" from before it opened. Same with The Lion King. So if it is not the BEST musical artistically speaking that year, why on earth vote for it? Besides the injustice of not giving the better musical the award, it's also bad business. Giving it to Ave Q meant that now BOTH shows would run for years and have successful tours.

I've just never understood the logic, especially of road producers, to giving the award to a show that is already guaranteed to run without the big award or perfect reviews and guaranteed to have a healthy tour without them too.

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