re: off-Broadway's summer season of discontent - my two cents
Posted by: ryhog 12:06 pm EDT 08/21/19
In reply to: re: off-Broadway's summer season of discontent - my two cents - NewtonUK 10:00 am EDT 08/21/19

I am not going to disturb the pristine beauty of an agreement that proves the old saying about stopped clocks, so I will just drop a footnote and say that the off-B dynamic is (or at least can be) somewhat different, because it lacks the built-in minimum level of attention that a Broadway show gets. That attention is priceless for a commercial off-B show but is incredibly hard to come by. As I noted in another post, BBH got a LOT of attention because of Golden, and also because of Iconis, well beyond what it would otherwise have received. Ironically, while most people kvetch that they failed because they were ignored, this dude is kvetching because he wasn't. Proving once again that in the theatre there is always someone ready to blame someone or something.

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