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Posted by: EvFoDr 03:02 pm EDT 08/21/19
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Of course there is no way of ever knowing this because I don’t think you’d get honest results from a poll of the voters, but I really think this focus on road presenters and assumptions about why they vote the way they vote, or that they vote in a “block” (which you aren’t saying here but comes up from time to time in posts), should be taken with a big grain of salt.

I can’t say for sure you are wrong, but you also can’t say for sure you are right. I do know anecdotally from speaking with a few road presenters who are friends of mine, that they vote for the show they feel is the best musical. They take their responsibility and privilege very seriously. They do not say: well Wicked won’t need the Tony to help it tour because it’s already popular, but Avenue Q will.

If anything, I have seen first hand how challenging it can be for the “underdog” show that wins best musical to get a tour. Road presenters often feel they have to book it out of obligation BECAUSE it won best musical even though they may have doubts about its popularity or resonance in their city. Sometimes they still won’t take it despite the best musical win.

Maybe it is incredibly naïve—and I acknowledge there are some politics involved, for example if you are a Tony voter and are associated with a show of course you are going to vote for it even if you happen to think another show is better—but I believe that people largely vote for what they feel is best. While that is still subjective, it is not layered with so much conspiracy theory.

I think the brilliance of the Ave Q vote your heart campaign is that to many many people it is the better musical and the campaign reminded them that they could and should vote for what they loved best, not just get into some autopilot mode with Wicked since it was such a juggernaut.

Not that anyone cares what I think, but I largely agree with the Tony pick for Best Musical. It often reflects a consensus about the quality of a certain show, and often rewards what is perceived as a more challenging and/or artistic venture. I think they are voting for the art :-)

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