re: Idina's Tony win wasn't 'inevitable'; it was a 'Wicked' surprise
Posted by: JereNYC (JereNYC@aol.com) 04:25 pm EDT 08/21/19
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That was probably, with all due respect to David Merrick, the most brilliant ad campaign in the history of Broadway, not least because it actually acknowledged what everyone knew to be true, but never really talked about...that these award votes are a business decision and have little to do with artistry or who might be deserving of an award. It pulled the curtain away from the art and exposed the business. And the timing was so perfect, because there really was the palpable sense that no one really liked WICKED all that much, but it was the BIG show of the season and would be touring and should probably get their votes...but everyone...EVERYONE...loved AVENUE Q and thought it was so clever and brilliant. But everyone was unsure about the touring prospects of AVENUE Q because it was a show geared toward adults and was not really appropriate for kids, despite the SESAME STREET veneer.

People appreciated CAROLINE OR CHANGE, but were mostly talking about the towering performance of Tonya Pinkins. And everyone completely discounted THE BOY FROM OZ, except for the brilliant performance of Hugh Jackman at a moment when he had just emerged as a huge action movie star.

When AVENUE Q actually did announce a forthcoming tour, I'm sure that cinched those Tony votes...all those road presenters could vote for the little show they loved, instead of the big show they didn't. The whole "scandal" that followed, when AVENUE Q then announced that any tour would be postponed in favor of a sit down run in Las Vegas, was big news for awhile, but everything worked out for everybody, so no harm, no foul. WICKED toured and continued to be a hit everywhere. AVENUE Q finally toured after a disappointing run in Las Vegas and also, if I remember correctly, did well.

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