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Theatermania, for example, only lists things within, well, the theatre. For those of us who have possible interests outside that smallish world, it means trying to find many different sources and scrolling through all that nonsense -- continually being interrupted by pop-ups or being led down blind alleys. In the olden days, you could go to the back of the weekly arts section of the Times and quickly scan down the list of all sorts of things, from theatre to concents to dance to spoken word appearances, like lectures, exhibitions and on and on. TimeOutNY was even better with all types of information about what was going on. Now, it could take hours to track down similar information and then have to flip from on specialized site to another to check on possible conflicting dates and times. It's a nightmare. And that is not even taking into account which of these various events listed on various site are paying to be listed while the site leaves out non-payers -- even those could be of interest within each specialized field.

It is simply a lie to claim that surfing around like this for information is as easy and as time efficient as those olden printed sources. It is not. We relied on the editorial gleaning of cultural events by, well, editors with discerning eyes to collect and organize this information. Now everyone has to be his or her own editor, rummaging through raw materials that at the very least often requires a lot of time to allow site to load all types of graphic materials that get in the way of scanning down a list that can be quickly absorbed for making a decision about personal interests or not -- over a wide spectrum of "arts."

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