Saw her in the First National of "Your Own Thing"; anyone else?
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She played Olivia, shortly after her electrifying Oscar performance. Washington DC. Maybe people who know the show well can correct me: was given a restored (?) song that isn't on the recording. I don't know if Marcia Rodd sang it*. The song, I believe, was "Let it Be!" Ovrtur does not list it. The show is listed as opening in Wilmington in April of 69. I saw it in DC circa May. I will hunt down that missing song.

*UPDATE: "Shortly into the run (but after the cast recording was made), a song titled "Let It Be" was added to the production. This was a solo for Olivia. It was placed between "I'm on My Way to the Top" and "She Never Told Her Love." The song was also included in the productions in other cities and the tours that soon followed, and it was in the licensed version of the show and the published script."

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