Was Diahann Carroll ever offered Sunset Blvd. on Broadway?
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Obviously, this is a spectacularly old topic, but I’m listening to the Canadian cast recording now and remembering how much I enjoyed Carroll in the role (even if her live vocals were significantly less confident than they on the album). A favorite detail of mine in particular was actually captured on the recording: in between firing her second and third shots at Joe, she quietly said to herself, “No...” but, of course, kept shooting.

When Buckley was brought in to replace Close on Broadway, it signaled to me that they were really trying to make the show the star—but certainly the drop off in ticket sales had to have worried them. I wonder if they considered changing course and bringing in Carroll, who was a significantly bigger name than both Buckley and Paige. Might she have said no and then they went to Paige? Or did they want to avoid reinforcing the notion that the performer playing Norma was the reason to see the show rather than the musical itself? Or did they genuinely think Paige gave the superior performance (which, from a vocal standpoint, I think she did)?

Anyone have any insider intel?

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