Yeah, she's right up there with Hitler and Pol Pot.
Posted by: portenopete 05:24 pm EDT 08/23/19
In reply to: re: ABC's Lara Spencer laughs at Prince George for taking ballet & Broadway fires back - Ballerina56 05:08 pm EDT 08/23/19

Unclutch your pearls, people.

While more than a touch retrograde, Lara Spencer's laughter had as much to do with the cumulative list of all the subjects that the tiny King-in-waiting has on his dance card rather than a specific mockery of ballet.

She's joined in merriment by not only George Stephanopulos but by the entire audience behind her.

This is such a crystalline example of the internet turning a molehill into a mountain. It's what THE PROM was all about: "celebrities" like Telly Leung leaping into the fray to telegraph their outrage and pique.

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