re: despicable?
Posted by: larry13 09:46 pm EDT 08/23/19
In reply to: despicable? - KingSpeed 09:18 pm EDT 08/23/19

First of all it seems her apology was not on air--at least not yet.
The "big deal" is that her comments already did damage. Not everyone who saw it or heard about it is necessarily going to find out--or care--about the apology.
If there's anything that gets me riled up it's people saying "you have to relax," especially when they don't understand--or act like they don't--what the "big deal" IS. NO one who was offended--which the overwhelming majority of posters here were--has stated that her comments were the worst thing that ever happened. But they WERE bullying--especially towards a child--and playing into the worst prejudices. Furthermore, why was it even necessary to talk about Prince George's classes in the first place? Unless the slant was going to be totally different, this was just TV filler garbage that was asking for trouble.

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