Lara Spencer and GMA have a producer and writers who are also responsible.
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I agree that you don't mock a 6 year-old publicly. Making fun of ballet also is ignorant and redolent of the dumbing down of America that is hitting its apex currently.

However, this wasn't quite as personal as I thought it might be from the outrage. The whole segment was on the almost college level curriculum Prince George is facing. They seemed to be laughing at ballet, not so much Prince George loving it and stating that he will grow out of loving ballet. "We'll see how long that lasts"

It was classless and uninformed but not quite as cruel, homophobic and bullying as I thought it might have been.

Also, GMA has producers and writers who vet the subject matter. Maybe Lara Spencer laughing at it was her choice but it was a group decision to talk about the Prince's curriculum and highlight that he loves ballet.

Many people got really upset about online comments about Barron Trump and his odd gestures and affect suggesting he might be on the spectrum. I usually cheer anyone who takes down the Trumps but in the case of Barron I was like "LEAVE HIM ALONE".

Children of world leaders often are targeted about their appearance, mannerisms or actions in highly visible public ways that normal children won't ever face. I strongly believe that children of world leaders should be allowed to be normal kids and not subjected to the public ridicule or scrutiny their parents have to deal with as part of their position and job. A six year-old is a six year-old even if his parents are royalty and they are going to be kings.

Lara Spencer should apologize but she is already being lambasted and flogged on social media. The GMA producers and writers, however, also need to be censured by the network and the public.

Marlo Manners (Lady Barrington)

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