re: despicable?
Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 10:11 am EDT 08/24/19
In reply to: re: despicable? - Billhaven 11:50 pm EDT 08/23/19

"There is so much more out there , things that kids actually watch again and again. Movies and skits and endless commercials that reinforce gender stereotypes. Watch a couple of episodes of “Friends” again. How about “Superbad”. That was made FOR kids. I can’t get worked up over a thoughtless comment on a morning talk show. There are many more important battles to fight. But fine, take her down and feel you’ve accomplished something."

I do see your point, but one could argue that Lara Spencer's comment was just as bad as "Superbad," etc. in its own way, because the comment was made in the context of a news/talk show discussion among supposedly mature and intelligent adults whom one would have thought would have moved way beyond making fun of a young boy because he's taking ballet lessons.

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