Posted by: sergius 10:59 am EDT 08/25/19

The subject is important and worthwhile and one about which little has been written so this is reason alone to appreciate THE ROLLING STONE. And the play is a good enough one. It's a well made and earnest conventional work. The actors are all terrific and they grant the play a depth of feeling it might not otherwise have. It's my bias, but, at this point in time, I have no interest whatsoever in hearing religious/liturgical rants about the evils of homosexuality even if they're in the service of supporting more progressive, less crude, positions as they are here. To me, morality is not augmented or lauded in contrast to fear born of primitive anxieties regarding difference; it stands, or more precisely soars, by its own logic, its own integrity. It's good plays like this one exist--there should be more of them--but I could do without the contrasting and calculated expressions of hatred masking as "alternative perspective."

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