Update: Lara Spencer is 'horrified'; will apologize to dancers on 'GMA'
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Travis Wall, the Emmy-winning choreographer of ''So You Think You Can Dance,'' says: ''So Lara Spencer just called me on my cell phone, she got my number from Debbie Allen, and she is completely horrified and just truly just issued this massive apology,” Wall, 31, told his followers on Saturday night. “I could just hear the horror in her voice.'' Wall adds: “She knows there’s a bunch of us, Broadway and a lot of the ballet community here in New York City, we’re going to 'Good Morning America' on Monday morning and taking ballet classes outside. So she’s aware of it, and she wants to talk to all of us, and she wants to set this thing straight and right. So the dance community is incredible and our voices were heard, which is fantastic. Hooray!”
Link People.com: Lara Spencer Is 'Horrified' After Mocking Prince George's Ballet Class, Says Dancer Travis Wall

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