Bat out of Hell
Posted by: Leon_W 04:24 pm EDT 08/25/19

So this is so similar in production and tone and story elements to “We Will Rock You” that it’s like that musical decided to swap Queen songs for Jim Steinman and start swearing for a day. Having said that it is an incredibly well sung production that looks like it cost a fortune to mount with a top notch cast. If you want to hear the songs amazingly well sung and don’t care about the story then this is for you.

The three young women right next to me talked none stop, waved their hands around, sang along to most songs, ate noisy candy and took photos. I think that’s pretty much all the bad behavior they could cram into their time there. I didn’t say anything to them because they were having such a great time in their own world where they could do anything they liked and I couldn’t face any nastiness or negative feeling.

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