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That it was more a family drama didn't bother me--and I WOULD like to see that other play--US Christian evangelicals have a lot to answer for in terms of persecution of LGBTQ people in some countries in Africa. But, even though I am glad the play is out there and that more people are aware of the crisis in Uganda the play documents, I wish the play had been better written and better constructed. Some of it seemed so didactic--by which I don't mean "preachy" (that goes with the territory), but seemed to explain things in too teacherly a fashion. I also think the plot construction was really imbalanced. I get that Act I needs to set up the situation and the character relationships, but SO much of what exposition--and then the second act was so filled with plot development after plot development that it seemed as if they had to race to tie up whatever loose ends they choose to tie up (obviously, the end doesn't necessarily have a neat knot). I also thought some of the character motivation and choices were a little hard to accept.

SPOILER: By that I mean I'm not sure the doctor (Sam) would have stayed there a minute after the first homophobic incident, and I sure as hell don't think our central character (Dembe) would have stayed in the church, waiting with his siblings for the angry crowd to enter. People died during this period. It's not really "The Crucible," with John Proctor willing to be SPOILER hanged for his conscience.

END OF SPOILER: That said, I thought the acting was first-rate across the board. I haven't seen Myra Lucretia Taylor since her wonderful turn as Seraghina in the Banderas revival of "Nine." The character as written and her performance made me want to see her play Mother Courage--has she done it, does anyone know? I also thought the staging was economical and solid. So, worth going to, but it did seem like a first or second play for the writer, in terms of learning the craft of playwriting.

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