Is this TRULY representative of The Met's Porgy & Bess?
Posted by: DistantDrumming 06:30 pm EDT 10/04/19

I was so excited about seeing this American classic at the Met, and while I know it's completely unfair to judge a performance based upon an excerpt from a rehearsal, this is what I have access to. Both Eric Owens and Angel Blue obviously have beautiful voices, but... this looks so... anemic. The staging, the body language? If you'd told me they were brother and sister, as opposed to lovers, I'd believe you. I see no heat. No connection (emotional or sexual). They just kind of plant it right there and sing. Maybe I should just hold onto my beautiful memories of the wonderful LA Opera production from the mid 2000s in which the leads sang splendidly, but were also powerful, magnetic actors. I still distinctly recall how incredibly powerful and, yes, sexy their Bess You Is My Woman was without losing any musicality. In that LA Opera production, in that moment, it felt like we were peeking into a private, intimate moment of profound connection between two lonely hearts. Whereas, in this clip, I feel like I'm watching a costumed recital.

Am I way off base here?
Link Porgy & Bess Rehearsal Clip - Bess You Is My Woman (snooooze)

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