Glass Menagerie @ Wild Project / Bella @ MTC (Harvey doesn't know his lines!)
Posted by: summertheater 11:47 pm EDT 10/04/19

What an accessible easy-to-follow adaptation of the Glass Menagerie @ Wild Project (East 3rd by Avenue B). Narrator (the son) starts by introducing all the characters including the missing father & where this father is. Candles are lit towards the end of the play to set an eerie mood. Sleek set is composed of a dark gray couch in the middle, a record player, and a chair (whose back broke in pieces and the Mom did a funny ad-lib that she had to clean up the mess since the Gentleman caller was coming over). Mom is especially good as the despondent woman (who used to have so many gentleman callers in her day) who only wants the best for her disabled daughter, and to find her a man. Of course things don't go to well once we hear what the Gentleman Caller needs to do afterwards. Great cast, and runs a bit over 2 hours no intermission. Very cool theater too - you can dip your credit card into a weird machine to make a $10 donation, the toilets are very "green" and have 2 ways to flush, and there are even free condoms (of differing sizes) in one of the two bathrooms.

With all the talk about how Bella is the best thing ever, I have to disagree. It was embarrassing to see the words projected onto the back wall of the theater so Harvey could follow along. He wrote the damn play (to use a famous senator's favorite D word) and he doesn't even have it memorized yet? He injected a lot of his personal 2019 political feelings into the play, which I thought was inappropriate for a play set in the 1970s. He is certainly a great actor and it's great to see him up close and personal, but I expected more. He should have shown empathy and strength towards women without showing such hatred towards men like he did; we are all equal and it didn't come across that way to me. Show runs 93 minutes (including 7 minute late start). And this is the first time ever that ushers told everyone "no late seating, no re-entry". MTC never had this before in the years and years and years I've been going there, so I wonder who has diva-like-behavior over someone entering late (God forbid they use the back entrance like they've been doing for decades). Perhaps the actor should worry more about learning his lines.

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