With one look at Diahann Carroll in 'Sunset Blvd'
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Carroll won a historic Tony in 1962 for ''No Strings.'' What a shame that she never returned to Broadway in another musical.

Was it due to a lack of opportunities? Did she turn down certain shows? Or, even more sadly, was she never asked?

Carroll did star with Rex Smith in ''Sunset Blvd'' in 1995 in Toronto (and Glenn Close even attended the opening).

Michael Kuchwara, the Associated Press critic, raved: ''Carroll tackles [Norma] with a ferocity and grandeur that is mesmerizing. … Fortunately, this production is blessed with both Carroll and Smith, two sterling performers who make this 'Sunset Boulevard' the one to see.''
Link 'Sunset Blvd': Clips from Toronto press reel

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